The purpose of this blog is to provide Tennesseeans with proper legal knowledge in the Nevin Law Firm's areas of practice.  Articles will range from a myriad of legal topics, but we are going to focus on current issues in the law as well as strategies employed by the Nevin Law Firm with our clients in the day-to-day practice.

The Nevin Law Firm assists those in need of Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, Adoption, Family Law, Name Changes, Probate, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Debt Relief, Contract Formation and disputes, and Bankruptcy.

Additionally, for a great read on a Business corporate law blog that I follow, please visit Strictly Business Law Blog written by local attorney Alexander J. Davie. He specializes in areas like hedge fund law, startup law, venture capital law, and mergers & acquisitions.

For additional readings, Attorney Ryan Nevin has a published piece entitled: Title VII Antiretaliation: The United States Supreme Court's Decision in Crawford v. Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County, Tennessee on the Scope of the Opposition Clause.  Cited as 13 Rich. J.L. & Pub. Int. 291.